Mahjong Pantheon

Hosting local club games with Pantheon

1. Basics

  • The system may work both in tournament mode and club rating mode. In club mode, there is no timer or automatic seating generator, but players can be added or removed any time.
  • The winner is defined by summary score of all games played.
  • Uma is 15000/5000 (you can change it value if you want).
  • Main address of mobile assistant -
  • Main address of admin panel - . The list of events you are an administrator at will be there. Use “Actions” menu to get to the management page you need. When in particular event management mode, you can navigate between event management pages using menu in left column.

2. Players management

  • The tournament administrator should add to the event all tournament players in advance on “Manage players” page.
  • To find a particular player, start typing his name/surname in the input field. You will see found players in dropdown menu. Selecting a player in the menu will add them to the event.
  • If a player can’t be found, notify them about it - probably, they forgot to fill in theis name and surname in their profile.
  • For each player there are several buttons in the list:
    • “Remove player” - this button is available when no games are played yet. You can remove from the list a player added by accident.
    • “Make an administrator” - this button gives a player access to the admin panel. Such player can cancel hands and add penalties.

3. Running games

  • In club mode, players can start games anytime they want using their mobile assistants. There is a “New game” button on main page for that. After pressing on the button, you should select participants from the list (note that there will only be players that are added to the rating by administrator). You also can shuffle players at the table before the game start.
    • If players made a mistake while starting new game (e.g. added wrong person to the table), they can ask administrator to cancel the game. Every table has a “Remove game” button on the “Manage games” page. The button is visible only if there are no hands logged already, otherwise there will be a “Cancel hand” button.
  • If players made a mistake while logging a hand, the administrator can cancel their last logged hand. Each table with at least one hand logged will have a “Cancel hand” button on the “Manage games” page.
    • You should clearly notify players that only administrator of the club rating can cancels hands and games. The final decision about cancellation is made by the administrator.
    • Note that you can’t cancel last hand of the game if any of players of that game have already started a new game.