Mahjong Pantheon

Useful software for mahjong players

Brief description of the system

Pantheon generates the seating semi-automatically, shows players their table numbers and starting winds via mobile devices, and also collects tournament statistics and allows to view results of finished games and rating table online.
When a player comes to tournament, they’re given a personal PIN code to log in to the system via mobile browser. First log-in
is succeeded with final registration to the event. Every PIN code can be used only once, if you need to log in to another device,
you should ask tournament organization team to re-issue your PIN code.

Players who do not have mobile devices, or their mobile devices can’t access the Internet, or can’t display the mobile page properly, should also ask tournament organization team to register them manually.

Before every hanchan, organizers use one of the seating algorithms to generate the seating. After seating is made, every player
will see the table number and their starting wind. The player has several minutes to find his table and get ready for the game. The game begins when organizers clearly declare the start. During the hanchan every player at the table can register hand results, but note that error will occur to all other players trying to register the hand if one player has already registered it.

Note that you should mark the riichi stick BEFORE yaku selection. If you don’t, you won’t be able to select riichi, double riichi and ippatsu yaku on the next screen.
By default, your hand is considered closed. If it’s open you should mark it open by pressing the “Open hand” button at the top of yaku list.

To make search of yaku simpler, mini-tabs with emoji are made. E.g., pressing the “shocked smiley” will get you to the yakuman part of the list.

All players should check the hand results before pressing the “Save” button. All players must agree with the results on the preview screen.

After the hand is registered, scores are updated. By pressing at someone’s score you can see the difference between this player and all others.

We don’t require explicit confirmation of hand results by all players, but the results are displayed at all mobile devices and one can argue or ask to cancel recently registered hand, if a mistake is made. The hand should be entered properly after the cancelling. In rare cases you might want to cancel hands that were registered more than one hand before. You should ask the referee or organization team to deal with this case.

According to EMA rules, when it’s 15 minutes left before the game end, players should finish current hand and play one more. This requirement is visualized by so called yellow and red zones of the timer. When 15 minutes if left, timer enters the yellow zone, indicating that the finish is close. When a hand is registered during yellow zone, timer goes to the red zone state. When a hand is registered during red zone, the game is finished and scores are counted.

When all tables have finished their hanchans, tournament organization team presses the “Confirm results” button and after that all results become visible at public rating table.
During breaks, players can see their statistics by following the “Statistics” link (will be opened in the new tab). There one may see all the finished games, the rating table and all the personal stats.