Mahjong Pantheon

Useful software for mahjong players

Mahjong Pantheon is a set of web-based software tools to automate regular riichi mahjong tournaments & local games.


  • Mimir is a specialized backend database which supports JSON-RPC calls for data operations.
  • Tyr is mobile web application, which uses Mimir as its backend to provide online game overview and automated scoring abilities for every player with handheld device. See screenshots.
  • Rheda is simple dynamic web frontend to show Mimir’s data pretty and conveniently. It includes rating tables, statistics, graphs, last games and also some tournament administration tools (this will change, though). See screenshots.

Software stack

All Pantheon tools are supposed to be web-based applications, which run either in browser or on a server. Tyr is written almost entirely in Typescript, Mimir and Rheda are written in PHP (7.0+). Mimir uses PostgreSQL database as its backend.

Production installation instructions are still WIP, but it should be pretty easy to install all three subsystems for anyone who is familiar with web development. Source code and development environment setup instructions are available on github.


Pantheon dream team and collaborators:

  • Oleg Klimenko, Saint-Petersburg, Russia - project lead
  • Alexey Lisikhin, Irkutsk, Russia - brave volunteer developer
  • Pavel Bogachev, Moscow, Russia - brave volunteer developer
  • Galina Kapger, Perm, Russia - brave volunteer developer
  • Daria Ilina, Moscow, Russia - QA assistant & Moscow club leader
  • Vitaly Borzonogov, Arkhangelsk, Russia - QA assistant, Arkhangelsk club leader (and also honorable first project donator ever :) )
  • Maksim Veselov and all Ivanovo riichi club fellows, Russia - honorable donators to the project.
  • Nina Bychkova and all Novosibirsk riichi club fellows, Russia - honorable donators to the project.
  • All Agari Moscow riichi club fellows, Russia - honorable donators to the project.
  • Ivan Tkachenko and all Sarov riichi club fellows, Russia - honorable donators to the project.
  • Want your name to be listed here? Join now! :) We need volunteer web developers, QA engineers, tech writers and translators! Make sure to mention Pantheon in email subject line - this will drastically reduce probability of occasionally moving your email into spam folder :)

Tyr screenshots

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Rheda screenshots

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