Mahjong Pantheon

Pantheon 1.1.0 & 1.1.1 released

Pantheon minor and bugfix versions have been released. Thanks to our beta testers for useful feedback. Major changes include overview of neighbour tables, timer improvements, database migrations, seeding and auto-deploy for backend.

  • Fixed yaku checks when deselecting some yaku (issue)
  • Fixed displaying tempai/noten players on neighbour table overvew (issue)
  • Added logout button (issue)
  • Fixed double riichi + ippatsu + tsumo (issue)
  • Auto update table state when attempting to add new round (issue)
  • Fix fu count switch when selecting open hand (issue)
  • Added possibility of spectating other tables in current event. (issue)
  • Count riichi bets lost in draws/abortives (issue)
  • Add timezones support (issue)
  • Add notifications of games started (issue)
  • Added mechanism of DB migrations (issue)
  • Timer affects club games no more. (issue)
  • Fixed rating table label coloring (issue)
  • Added nginx configuration example (issue)
  • Added method to receive table state without auth (issue)
  • Added staging database seeding & auto-deploy (issue)